Eve Light Strip

Smart LED Strip

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Enjoy the perfect lighting ambience in any room to suit any time of day. Accentuate display cabinets, shelving, mirrors, skirting boards, wall reveals, and suspended ceilings – Eve Light Strip breathes new life into any space. 

Ultra-bright & dimmable
White & color
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1800 lumens of pure eye candy.

Premium triple-diode architecture radiates the warmest and coolest of whites. Plus a vibrant color spectrum spanning every hue you can imagine. Maximize brightness for whole-room ambience, or dim to a dreamy glow of understated elegance. Eve Light Strip epitomizes convenience and class with the most sophisticated HomeKit-enabled LED strip. 



Colorize your mood.

No matter if a traditional color palette's more your thing or you prefer gaudy colors, with Eve Light Strip you can magic up the mood that suits how you feel. Simply tap the app or ask Siri, and Eve Light Strip will light up in your chosen color. 


Paint the perfect scene.

Scenes make multiple accessories work together, all upon a single command. So you can create a "Movie Night" scene that turns on Eve Light Strip in combination with your connected television, or any other connected devices you wish. You can even set your scenes to work automatically based on the time, your location, actions, and more – courtesy of your home hub.


Unwind and energize.

Cutting-edge LED technology, voice-activated or automatically enabled ambience, and convenient automation powered by superior HomeKit intelligence. Eve Light Strip has it all. And you owe it all to yourself.

Command on demand.

Set scenes in a flash via Siri, your Control Center, or Apple Watch. Easily engage accessories using the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And to see concise records, gain insights, and enjoy full control of your connected home, look no further than the Eve app.

Compatible with your ecosystem.

Straight out of the box, Eve accessories work with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. Your HomePod, HomePod mini or Apple TV will serve as a home hub, seamlessly automating your accessories and keeping you connected while out and about. 

"It’s bright enough to replace a standard lamp, but it really shines (pun intended) for accent lighting." 

“So far, the Eve HomeKit lightstrip is the best one of its kind that we've tested."

"I love how incredibly bright it gets and that it is so easy to install."

"Eve has managed to nail the Light Strip’s color profile right out of the gate.”

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Technical Details

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS/iPadOS 14 or later
  • Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n)
  • Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires a HomePod or an Apple TV (4th generation or later) as a home hub

Light Strip

2 m / 6.6 ft
Length adjustments:
30 cm - 10 m / 11.8 in - 32.8 ft (2 m / 6.6 ft extensions sold separately)
Width & Height:
15 x 4 mm / 0.59 x 0.16 in
Luminous flux:
1800 lm (900 lm per m / 3.3 ft at 4200K)
LED architecture:
Triple-diode with full-spectrum white and color


AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
DC 24 V, 24 W

Wireless Connection

Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n) 

Eve Light Strip is easy to setup:
installation video & Quick Start Guide 


Wi-Fi network settings


Make sure the 2.4 gigahertz band is enabled on your router and that your iPhone is using the band to add the Eve Light Strip. Later, you may reconnect your iPhone using the 5 gigahertz band. The DHCP function must be activated on the router. Authentication via MAC addresses must be deactivated. 


All WiFi-based devices with HomeKit support require the Bonjour protocol (Multicast) to work. Make sure that Bonjour and Multicast are enabled on the WiFi router and additional access points. 
Network tools such as "Storm Control" and others, allow multicast to be restricted and therefore Bonjour. Disable this setting. 


So-called Powerline/PowerLAN adapters also restrict Bonjour or do not allow it. These access points are not suitable for the use of HomeKit-based WiFi devices.



Works wonders with others.